Check out the Bonus & Extras section for an excerpt of my recently completed book manuscript: Murder by Dissent-January 14, 2021.  It is my 19th novel to date.

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During tth of September 2020, I released four historical fiction novels on To find out more about these titles, click on 'The Books' link in the navigation menu.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Soon: A mystery novel 
                                                                                 ...and in 2021: sci-fi/fantasy novel


I write historical romance fiction, usually during the 18th century and in a European nation. So far I have published four historical romance novels; two in England, one in France and one in the city-state of Venice.

The Speakeasy Murders is my first mystery/romance novel. The setting is the 1920s in Chicago. The overarching romance is between a black American woman and a European man. 

Thus far I have written primarily in science fiction and fantasy genres, a few of which will be released in 2021. I often anthropomorhize time and death, and incorporate transcendence into this type of writing. 

I recently completed my fifth historical romance novel, set in 18th century Milan.

I recently complted my second mystery/detective romance novel. It is another standalone set in the tumultuous 1960s Civil Rights era. The protagonist, a female detective is black American and her husband is British.