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To purchase your copy of available titles up for discussion in the Book Club, click on the relevant bookcover below.  Then scroll down to begin your journey to the 18th century, grand balls, decadence, murder, crime, the roaring 1920s or the turbulent Civil Rights era.  To sign up for the book club, visit the 'Contact' page and you will be notified of the very first virtual meetup!

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The Book Club will meet virtually through a specially created group on Goodreads (more to come...)

Love Captured

Just for starters:  The Book Club will begin with Love Captured (discussion questions in process).

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Sometime in the future...


We shall see...

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Book Club


Silhouette Lost

Coming soon...

Rising Shadows

Soon enough...

Tales of Erinamdi

One day in the future...

Ascending Darkness

I know you are waiting...

Shades of Verity

Still in the future...

Beyond the Moonlight and the Flame

The characters are waiting to greet you again as well...

Aurora's Descent

There is still more to come...

The Bridge Between                     (Prequel)

You are waiting to understand how it all truly began...

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The Consecrated Throne

Book One of The Consecrated Throne Duology.

The Coruscated Throne

Book Two of The Coruscated Throne Duology

Existence Parallel

Book One of the Existence Parallel Duology


Book Two of the Existence Parallel Duology

The Sacred Four

More to come...


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By participating in the Book Club, you agree to follow the General Guidelines and Etiquette Protocols established to benefit all participants.  

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For a downloadable version of the Etiquette Protocols for the Book Club, click below:

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